Monday, December 13, 2010

SUCCESS! kinda...

So, my neuropsych finally got ahold of me today (apparently my cell number was hand written, it has 2x 9s and 2x 4s, thus who ever wrote it has terrible number writing and it was confusing). Someone at her office hadn't sent the report she had filed for giving me a copy of it that she sent to the insurance. She said that I will need to go back to my clinical psych (the one that did the initial evaluation and told me i had depression) to get a Comprehensive Psycho-diagnostic evaluation from, and then have Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to then be able to fix most of my issues. She also suggested I go to a neuropsychiatrist (gives meds based on wtf is going on in my head as far as synapses misfiring/damage and not just neuro-hormonal balance).
Will be going over problems (horrible symptoms) I have been facing within the past year + months (will be as discreet at possible on some details for identity protection, if i even mention them at all).

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