Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going to the psychologists' and how my insurance really pisses me off

Trying to find a Neuropsychologist is rather difficult. Finding one that's on my insurance plan is far harder, finding one decently close, is even harder. But then I found Persona Neurobehavior Group! Got an appointment back in June, on the 23rd at their Long Beach location. I saw a Clinical Psych, I had been keeping track of symptoms and other things, and I printed my psych journal for her to read, she said I had a minor form of depression. Wont go over any symptoms or specifics of other occurrences in this post. Anyway, she said I needed to see a Neuropsych. Closest one is in South Pasadena, and shes only there on Thursdays, thus, I had to wait a good long while (Aug 5th) to see her. Issues with how this played out; insurance only covered me for 2 hours. She gave me as many as we could go through in that time. She concluded that "You have above average cognition and cognitive speed. I wish I could do more tests to pinpoint just what is wrong. I also wish I could've tested you before your TBI, 'cause if you can tell you're slower now, for being as fast and sharp as you are with these tests now, I'm really curious how fast you were before." "Me too." I still have other tests to do that she told me about, that insurance said in lawspeak/legalese; "She says you're better than fine, fuck off for more testing."
My immediate reaction when I got the letter my insurance didn't clear me for more testing is similar to as the image below:

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