Friday, February 25, 2011


Think of people saying this:
"You need to get out [of the house] [more]."
Now repeat it every week since summer of 2009.
Add my therapist onto that.

Now add on my parental dynamics;
"Mom, can I go to _?"
"Yeah, sure.
Wait, ask your dad."
"You know he's gonna say 'no,' I'd just prefer to ask you so you can say 'Yes,' then I can leave."
"You have to go ask him."
"Fine. To the rejection I go."
"Dad, can I go to _?"
"Did you pay for your car insurance?"
"That was rhetorical."
"Then you can't go _ or anywhere."
Usually it's not even worth asking.

Now, depending on the situation, my Dad sometimes does not care if I go out to improve my mood when I'm feeling really bad. It semi-depends on how far I go. He doesn't care about the ammo I burn through. When I got back he asked "So, how does it shoot?" ("it" referring to the handgun I received for Christmas 2010) He didn't complain about me driving (read as: using gas) out there till three days later.

But HAHA! Success! (If any of you have heard Kate say "SUCCESS!" the tone is exactly like that, but not the same volume) The family had dinner plans. Sis had a class to go to, thus, she was going to AVC. [insert window of opportunity opening with angelic light and song] So after dinner we went to AVC. Tonight was Silent Games Night. It's a social event for Sign Language students at AVC. I got to see a close friend (really surprised me at first, had to do a double take to even make sure it was my close friend) as well as seeing a good friend. I hadn't seen both of them since last year. I got to talk with my good friend for a long time. We had a lot to catch up on since not seeing each other for so long. We talked well past the time the event ended. I also saw an acquaintance whom I don't dislike in any way/shape/form, I just get frustrated by her. We were both being friendly to each other as polite adults to (granted, it was in public/semi-crowded room) and gave me a hug (that was a surprise). I would've liked to talk to both the acquaintance and close friend, but they both had to leave early. And yes, I AM talking about you overtly without using your name by being generally specific.

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